To live life in resistance to its existence is to create stress.

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When life’s transitions are greater than our abilities to manage them, we might experience an Adjustment Disorder, an emotional or behavioral reaction that appears like an unexpected, excessive reaction to a stressful event. An Adjustment Disorder might also appear when we resist changes, rather than grow with changes. Some common life stages that might trigger an Adjustment Disorder could be marriage, divorce, re-location, illness, aging, graduation, pregnancy, birth, financial status, employment status, etc.

An Adjustment Disorder might feel like …

  • depression
  • anxiety
  • behavioral changes
  • any of the above symptoms impacting your life

My treatment for Adjustment Disorder is an integration of evidenced-based skills that identify the stressor and the reaction to the stressful event. Next, we collaboratively develop and practice skills for responding to the stressful situation.

Clients have reported feeling:

  • “more in control than out of control”
  • a change in perspective about the stressful situation
  • more responsive than reactive to stressors

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