Rates: The Pay-What-You-Can Plan

The Pay-What-You-Can Plan is our model for setting your fee on an individual basis. It offers a wide range of flexibility according to what you can reasonably afford to pay for services. 

The Pay-What-You-Can rate is set during your first appointment.  Once your therapist has gathered more information about your treatment goals and has assessed an ability to offer our services, your therapist asks, “If we were to meet weekly, what would you reasonably be able to pay per session?”

The Pay-What-You-Can Plan doesn’t require us to ask any more questions about your financial situation.  We trust you can determine what you can truly afford for yourself. 

The Pay-What-You-Can Plan is our practice of an abundance mindset, “If we share, then, we’ll all have enough”.  This vision offers you an opportunity to fully access and participate in therapy. It offers us an opportunity to create an environment of compassion and equity.