Trauma is a rupture in our ability to be unruptured.

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Trauma is an internal disturbance from an outside stimulus. Trauma impacts the mind, body, and soul. The experience of Trauma creates a recording in our brains that feels as if the traumatic event is happening daily.

If you’re experiencing Traumatic symptoms, you might feel…

  • shock, denial, or disbelief
  • difficulty concentrating
  • angry, irritable, mood swings
  • restlessness
  • guilt, shame, self-blame
  • withdrawal from others
  • sadness or hopelessness
  • disconnected or numb
  • any of the above symptoms impacting your life

My treatment for Trauma is an integration of evidenced-based skills that calms the mind and the nervous system.

Clients have reported feeling:

  • “more connected to myself”
  • decrease in symptoms
  • improved symptom management

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