Rates & Insurance

You have the option of paying through an accepted insurance plan or a pay-what-you-can plan.

In-Network Plans

• Kaiser Permanente
• Aetna
• Valley Health Plan

If your insurance plan is not listed, please see our Pay-What-You-Can Plan.

Out-of-Network Plans

Out-of-network members will receive paid invoices for insurance plan reimbursements.

Note: If your insurance plan is not listed or you do not have out-of-network benefits, please see our Pay-What-You-Can Plan.

Rates: The Pay-What-You-Can Plan

The Pay-What-You-Can Plan is our model for setting your fee on an individual basis. It offers a wide range of flexibility according to what you can reasonably afford to pay for services.

The Pay-What-You-Can rate is set prior to your first appointment.  Once the intake coordinator has gathered more information about your treatment goals and has assessed an ability to offer our services, the intake coordinator will ask, “If you were to meet weekly with your therapist, what would you reasonably be able to pay per session?”

The Pay-What-You-Can Plan doesn’t require us to ask any more questions about your financial situation.  We trust you can determine what you can truly afford for yourself. Should you have any questions about your eligibility for participating in the Pay-What-You-Can Plan, please discuss them with the intake coordinator.

The Pay-What-You-Can Plan is our practice of an abundance mindset, “When we share, we all have enough”.  This vision offers you an opportunity to fully access and participate in therapy. It offers us an opportunity to create an environment of compassion and equity. 

Good Faith Estimate

The No Surprises Act (Title 45, section 149.610 of the Code of Federal Regulations) was enacted with the primary goal of protecting clients from unexpected medical bills. As of January 1, 2022, all healthcare providers are required to offer a “Good Faith Estimate” of anticipated therapy costs to private-pay clients at the start of treatment, or upon request.  A Good Faith Estimate includes your identifying information, service code(s), diagnostic code(s), expected charges, provider information, and additional information regarding your consumer rights.  Our Good Faith Estimate is based on our per session fee over the course of a year, which is valid for one year from the date of the signed estimate.  However, should there be any adjustments to your fee or your time spent in therapy, a new Good Faith Estimate will be provided to you.