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Individual therapy


Kids can benefit from therapy when their ability to manage stress has been overwhelmed by a stressful situation.  Therapy provides them a  …

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Adolescence is a time for many transitions: school, puberty, peers, and so on. During this developmental stage, teens can experience the same …

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Sometimes healing can be found while speaking with friends and family members about our challenges and stressors.  Sometimes, however …

Getting the Help You Need

Individual therapy is a single-person, self-paced, healing process that’s an effective tool for feeling less overwhelmed by your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.  Our process begins by establishing a collaborative relationship of safety, trust, and support between you and your therapist.  As this collaboration progresses, it includes an ongoing assessment of your treatment goals, your creative path to meet them, and your evaluation of your newly acquired skills.  Our process promotes a lifelong change of overall wellbeing. It’s important to remember that although your therapist has prepared for this collaborative healing relationship through a continuous study of insight-oriented, strength-focused, and evidence-based training, you hold the ability to heal.