Depression is like a heavy blanket. It covers all of me, and it’s hard to get up. But there’s comfort in it too. I know who I am when I’m under it.

I Can Help

Depression subtracts our ability to intentionally engage in our lives. It narrows our focus and limits our perspectives. It also disconnects us from how we once saw ourselves and how we once functioned in the world. If you’re experiencing Depression, you might also feel …

  • sadness for most of the day
  • restlessness
  • as if nothing seems fun or funny anymore
  • you’ve been sleeping more or less
  • you’ve been eating more or less
  • it’s been difficult to concentrate
  • less than worthy
  • life seems pointless
  • any of the above symptoms impacting your life

My treatment for Depression is an integration of evidenced-based skills that meet your treatment goals for living a more purposeful life.

Clients have reported feeling:

  • “ready to get back into my life”
  • a shift in their thoughts
  • an increase in problem-solving skills

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